ETS’s Massive Research Report Series Now Available Through Wiley’s Online Library

Tom Ewing

Princeton, N.J. (September 8, 2014) —More than 2,500 reports from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Research Report Series, some dating back to the founding of the organization, are now available through the Wiley Online Library, the world's broadest multidisciplinary collection of online resources, company officials announced today.

“This is the first time that the vast majority of reports in the ETS Research Report Series are available online to the public,” says Jim Carlson, the Daniel Eignor Executive Editor of the ETS Research Report Series. “The series documents the research we've conducted since the inception of the organization and includes papers by thought leaders in the field of educational measurement such as Frederick Lord, Samuel Messick, William Angoff, Bert Green, Karl Joreskog, Bob Linn, Ledyard Tucker and Paul Holland. Having the archive available online is a great resource.”

The ETS Research Report Series includes work in several areas, including:

  • psychometric and statistical methodology
  • educational evaluation
  • performance assessment and scoring
  • large-scale assessment and evaluation
  • cognitive, developmental, personality and social psychology
  • education policy

“We entered into collaboration with Wiley to increase awareness, visibility and impact of ETS research,” says Senior Vice President of Research and Development Ida Lawrence. “Wiley's global reach and digital publishing platform will help ensure that ETS research is available to the largest audience possible.”

The collaborative publishing arrangement with Wiley began earlier this year. In addition to hosting the ETS Research Report Series archives, Wiley also is publishing all new reports in the series.

ETS research reports also will continue to be available on, through the ReSEARCHER database, and on the ETS Research Report Series page.

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