Now Accessible: The Official GRE ® Guide Mobile App
The best, most authoritative preparation app for the GRE® revised General Test

Jason Baran


Princeton, N.J. (Apr. 21, 2015) – Available in the Apple® App Store, the official — and now accessible — GRE ® test prep mobile app enables people with visual disabilities to navigate the most accurate and informative test preparation on the go.

The app allows users to quiz themselves, receive category-specific results for tracking progress and even track the days until their test date. Based on The Official Guide to the GRE ® revised General Test, 2nd Edition, the app gives users access to authentic test questions, answers and explanations, plus valuable test-taking tips and strategies.  

“When we created the GRE mobile app in 2013 we wanted it to be accessible to provide equal access and opportunity to people with visual disabilities,” said Dawn Piacentino, Director of Communications and Services for the GRE Program at ETS. “We did not, however, rush the process because we wanted to provide a high level of accessibility. We wanted not just to do this for the sake of doing it, but to do it well for our customers.”

Accessibility guidelines such as those from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) served as a baseline for development of the application, with accessibility experts from ETS’s Research and Development division working alongside the product team to ensure that the test prep content worked with assistive technologies used by those with visual impairments.  

“Because mobile apps offer unprecedented access to information on smartphones and tablets used by hundreds of millions of people, it is essential to incorporate accessibility features that enable everyone to benefit, including those with disabilities,” said Loring Brinckerhoff, Director, ETS Office of Disability Policy.

With this in mind, ETS asked Tech For All, Inc. to conduct an independent Expert Accessibility Evaluation of the GRE mobile application, and they concluded that the app provides a high level of accessibility.

At just $4.99, the app starter pack features an overview of the GRE ® revised General Test with 50 real test questions, valuable tips for answering each question type and writing tasks with sample responses and scoring guides. The in-app expansion pack, available for $19.99, features 250 additional real test questions, additional writing tasks, as well as a GRE Math Review. As a complement to the already popular test prep tools, including The Official Guide — available in eBook and print formats — the GRE ® Success Starter video and the free POWERPREP ® II software, the app adds to the index of test prep tools designed to help test takers prepare for test day. 

The Official GRE Guide app was developed by gWhiz and co-published by ETS and McGraw-Hill.

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