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ETS Signs to Open Office in Sanya Central Business District to Help Build Hainan’s International Education Innovation Island

July 11, 2022

Sanya, Hainan (July 7, 2022) ETS, the provider of the TOEFL and the GRE test, and the Sanya Central Business District Administration signed a letter of intent for investment cooperation today during the 9th Annual Returned Scholars’ Summit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hainan Free Trade Port. In the future, ETS plans to establish an office in the Sanya Central Business District to help the construction of Hainan’s international education innovation island the development of Sanya’s education service industry.

The development of education in Hainan has been in the spotlight since the Ministry of Education and Hainan Province jointly issued the Implementation Plan on Supporting Hainan in Deepening Education Reform and Opening up in 2019, which aims to support Hainan in building an international education innovation island. With the implementation of relevant policies and work, important progress has been made in opening Hainan’s education to the outside world. The Lingshui Li’an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone has 20 famous schools at home and abroad signed agreements to establish campuses in the Pilot Zone. More than 10 famous domestic universities are stationed in Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City. A few famous overseas high-level universities and international schools have landed to run schools, with the scale of Chinese and foreign cooperative schools reaching more than 10,000 students. In addition, through the introduction of quality educational resources from both domestic and international schools, the quality of basic education in Hainan has been improved and Hainan ranks first nationally in overall satisfaction indicators for education.

In the future, Hainan will build a platform for education openness and cooperation, continuously improving the international competitiveness of the education service industry. According to the 14th Five-Year Plan of Hainan Province to build an international tourism consumption center, Hainan plans to introduce and build about 15 international high schools and international kindergartens by 2025. Hainan also plans to introduce more than three high-level universities and vocational colleges of science, agriculture, and medicine outside of Hainan to run independently. The province will strive to have more than 10,000 international students and more than 50,000 international education consumers.

Talking about the reason for the collaboration with the Sanya CBD, Miranda Wang, Managing Director of ETS China, said: “Hainan has a unique policy and location advantage in building an international education innovation island. ETS has been exploring opportunities for cooperation in Hainan Province. As Hainan Province attracts more and more international schools, high-level international universities and international students, the demand for talent assessment and teacher training will also grow. ETS hopes to help build Hainan’s international education innovation island through high quality assessment and learning tools.”

With the signing of the letter of intent for investment and cooperation, ETS and its TOEFL Family of Assessments, the GRE test and the TOEIC test will explore cooperation opportunities with relevant institutions in Hainan Province in the areas of testing service, teacher training and vocational education. ETS will communicate with prospective institutions to provide more convenient testing service for test takers in Hainan Province. To meet the needs of building the teaching force in Hainan’s basic education schools and higher education institutions, ETS will also provide support for teacher training through teacher seminars and official training courses to enhance teachers’ teaching concepts and practical application skills. At the same time, ETS’s business and vocational English test TOEIC will also explore providing support for the assessment of vocational skills in tourism, healthcare and other fields required for the construction of an international tourism island in Hainan. In addition, ETS will set up an office in the Sanya Central Business District to support the development of business and cooperation in the Hainan region and to explore further possibilities for collaboration.

Chen Mo, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Sanya Central Business District Administration, said, “The Sanya Central Business District is one of the eleven key parks in the Free Trade Port. The future presence of ETS will improve the park’s modern service industry system, especially the education service industry. The Park will provide support to ETS in promoting project cooperation and preferential support policies, jointly promoting the industrial construction and development of Sanya Central Business District and Sanya City.”

In today’s project signing session, a total of 22 companies, including ETS China, BGI Genomics, JD.com and Sun Media Group, signed investment cooperation letters of intent with Hainan Province. The signing ceremony was attended and witnessed by leaders such as Ding Zhongli, President of the Western Returned Scholars Association, Shen Xiaoming, Secretary of Hainan Provincial Party Committee, and Feng Fei, Governor of Hainan Province.

The event, themed “Overseas returnees join hands with free trade port to share the new future of Hainan”, was jointly hosted by the Western Returned Scholars Association (Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China) and Hainan Provincial Party Committee and Government. It was prepared and organized by the United Front Work Department of Hainan Provincial Party Committee, Sanya Municipal Party Committee and Government, Hainan International Economic Development Bureau, and Hainan Western Returned Scholars Association. Since 2017, the annual meeting of the Western Returned Scholars Association has actively promoted the introduction of talents and projects, reaching a total of about 400 talent attraction and investment cooperation projects with the host places, with an investment amount of about 122 billion yuan.

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