50,000 Future Educators Registered for Praxis® Tests At Home Solution in First Month Since Launch

By E. Wyatt Gordon

Last month, we introduced our latest Praxis® exam offering – Praxis tests at home – a remote testing solution that offers future educators the option to test safely and securely from their home while in-person testing is impacted by COVID-19. We are excited to share that as of today, more than 50,000 test takers have registered for our Praxis tests at home solution and 11,000 test takers have successfully completed their teacher licensure exams remotely.

The demand for Praxis tests at home demonstrates the critical need for timely and safe solutions in support of qualified teachers taking the next step in their professional journey. As a nonprofit corporation, this is a critical part of our mission and the reason that we exist. To this end, the Praxis tests at home empowers future educators to decide where and how they take their teacher licensure tests.

ETS®’s Professional Educator Programs seek to expand access to all educators and to connect educators to the communities that (desperately) need their support. We are fully aware of the wide range of  disparities that exist among communities, especially within underserved populations.

ETS, by itself, cannot overcome all of the outcomes associated with historical inequity, yet we are dedicated to alleviating the digital divide particularly in underserved communities, as well as teacher candidates with young families at home, those with roommates, and others who lack access to private testing spaces where they live. Additionally, we continue to build and support our in-person testing network to provide additional access while following guidelines to ensure safety.  Our commitment to diversity and access in education is furthered by our work to serve test takers with disabilities and health-related needs by providing services and accommodations that are appropriate given the purpose of the test. Test takers can request accommodations including extended time, extra breaks, screen magnification and selectable colors for the Praxis tests at home through their ETS account. Other accommodations can be requested through ETS Disability Services, provided that the test taker can supply the approved device, such as an IntelliKeys® keyboard or diabetic instruments. For inquiries and to confirm accommodations for test registration contact ETS Disability Services at 1-866-387-8602.

We want teacher candidates to feel confident taking the next step in their professional journey, which is why our at home solution delivers the exact same test as in test centers with identical content, formatting and scoring. We also are supporting the success of future educators by providing both free and low-cost test preparation to help test takers prepare to successfully complete their teacher licensure assessments. Information on official Praxis exam study and preparation resources can be found here.

For more information on Praxis tests at home please visit ets.org/praxis/at-home.

E. Wyatt Gordon is Executive Director of Professional Educator Programs in the Student and Teacher Assessment Division at ETS.