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A Former Teacher and Education Leader on Necessary Education Resources

Lillian Lowery VP and COO of Student & Teacher Assessments

Last year, COVID-19 coupled with numerous accounts of social unrest and racial injustice put a spotlight on the many challenges and inequities within our education system. Alongside our partners and peers, we at ETS are committed to taking action to level the playing field so every learner’s educational needs are met in a more equitable and individualized way.

Dr. Lillian Lowery, Vice President of Student and Teacher Assessments at ETS, discusses the exacerbating circumstances that educators and students are facing in the current virtual education environment and the strategies ETS is using to help provide every student equitable learning opportunities. Drawing on her experience from both ETS and her previous roles in the classroom, in government and in the nonprofit realm, Dr. Lowery shares what an equitable learning journey means to her and how to better serve underrepresented populations, broaden their thinking and expose them to new learning experiences throughout their educational journeys.