A Philanthropy & Social Investment Lead’s Perspective on Advocacy in Education

By Lenora Green

Lenora Green, Executive Director of the Center for Advocacy & Philanthropy at ETS, was raised in a family that believed in the transformative power of education. From having a mother who advocated for education to taking multiple AP courses, Green was exposed to numerous opportunities and circumstances that set her up for success. From these experiences, Green has been able to transfer her skills and passions to initiatives for ETS’s Center for Advocacy & Philanthropy – helping to raise awareness of critical issues in education.

Throughout her learning journey, Green has seen that there’s always an opportunity to help others – especially now in education. With guidance and support from family, community members, local organizations and other individuals, Lenora Green believes that the learners of today can discover their unique possibilities and be contributing members of society, ultimately paying it forward through advocacy for other learners.