An Expert’s Perspective on the Importance of Access and Representation in Education

By Dr. Beverly Tatum

Dr. Beverly Tatum, author, educator, ETS Board of Trustees Member and President Emerita of Spelman College, has emanated curiosity throughout her life. Her desire to absorb knowledge, ask questions and stay open minded has helped her succeed academically, personally and professionally. While it was her own curiosity that motivated her, the curiosity of others surrounding her helped to shed light on what’s needed to address some of today’s most pressing educational challenges.

Throughout her journey – first as a student, then a therapist, a college professor, dean, an author, acting president at Mount Holyoke College and finally, president of Spelman College – Dr. Tatum shaped her understanding of the barriers that exist for learners and how increasing access, opportunities and representation can help foster greater equity in education. Dr. Tatum digs into her journey, the lessons learned along the way and her perspectives on what learners need to pursue what’s possible.