ETS Remembers Educator & Civil Rights Trailblazer Bob Moses

“Bob Moses – Freedom Summer” by Princeton Public Library, NJ is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Robert “Bob” Moses, civil rights leader, educator and advocate for Black voting rights, led a remarkable life – working to accelerate equal opportunity, access to education and freedom for all. Serving as a voice for those from underrepresented backgrounds, Moses believed in the power of self-determination and the strength behind both voting and education as tools to transform humanity and social justice.

Pushing education to the forefront of his agenda to achieve equality, Moses founded The Algebra Project in 1982, a nonprofit training program dedicated to helping students develop mathematics literacy. Moses’ life and work were centered around his dedication to listening to others and driving change to meet the needs of those around him – whether through organizing voting drives with The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to defend the Black vote or later instilling a passion for education within students and teachers.

To honor the legacy of Bob Moses, ETS is renaming one of its educational scholarships after Moses and making a philanthropic contribution of $10,000 to The Algebra Project and to further build on the organization’s efforts to help low-income students of color develop strong mathematical skills.

We at ETS are inspired by Moses as we continue our journey toward advancing quality and equity in education through providing fair and valid assessments, research services, and education tools. Through upholding social responsibility, opportunity and accessibility for all, we’ll be able to not only support the upcoming generation of learners, but also work against systemic inequities that exist in educational institutions.