HiSET® Exam at Home – Helping More People Than Ever Before Earn High School Equivalency Credentials

By Jason Carter

For the more than 31 million Americans who do not have a high school diploma[i], the choice to obtain a high school equivalency credential is a critical decision that can dictate their future direction. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates can earn on average $8,000 more per year than those without a diploma or high school equivalency credential. Over the course of a lifetime, individuals with a high school degree are expected to earn 30% more than people without a similar degree.

At ETS, we have the honor of advancing access and equity in education for all, and our HiSET® program models our commitment to these ideals. We support adult learners obtaining their high school equivalency credential to further their personal, educational and professional goals. Today, we are proud to announce the HiSET Exam at Home solution that will create another pathway for adult learners, particularly those who have been impacted by the global pandemic, to take the next step toward reaching their dreams.

The HiSET Exam at Home provides adult learners with a safe testing solution from the convenience of their home while many test centers are closed or operating with limited seating capacity. Yet, we also recognize the realities of being at home during this crisis and that each of us faces different circumstances; in response, we have expanded testing opportunities to include any secure location. We will continue to do all that we can to remove obstacles to test takers to allow more adult learners than ever before the opportunity to achieve a high school equivalency credential.

HiSET Exam at Home test questions, scoring and format are identical to tests given at physical centers, with the only difference being the test takers ability to take it from a remote location. The at home exam is monitored by a professional proctor from ProctorU® to ensure that we deliver a safe and secure testing environment.

We believe that far too many people’s dreams of achieving a high school equivalency credential have been put on hold for too long. We know that the accomplishment of having a high school equivalency credential changes more than an individual’s educational status, oftentimes it shifts the trajectory of their entire life, having a positive impact on their career, earnings and perspective. This milestone achievement opens doors that will improve the quality of life of adult learners and their families. We are proud to offer more ways for adult learners to reach their goal of having a high school equivalency credential and applaud every HiSET test taker who takes this important step in furthering their educational journey.

For more information, including participating states and pricing, test takers can log-in or register at hiset.ets.org.

Jason Carter is the National Executive Director for the ETS HiSET Program.  

[i] Stephen Yadzinski, “A Partnership to Improve the Lives of Adults Without a High School Diploma,” Medium, August 18, 2019.