New ETS and NWEA agreement leverages respective strengths to improve K-12 student learning

By Lillian Lowery

In ETS’s continued commitment to provide the K-12 market with quality assessment services, the ink is drying on a new agreement between ETS, ETS’s wholly owned subsidiary Questar®, and nonprofit NWEA®. With our current K-12 prime and sub contracts, product offerings to support K-12 educators, and this new strategic relationship with NWEA, we are positioned to provide state clients, educators, learners and parents with the best of what ETS has to offer. This includes psychometric services, content development, scoring and research services.

Specifics of this agreement include:

  • NWEA is acquiring the ETS icloud-based enterprise assessment Level 12 platform as well as a non-exclusive license for innovative content and performance tasks from the Winsight® assessment program. This partnership with NWEA will strengthen ETS’s ability to offer flexible, innovative assessment solutions that meet state needs.
  • With state permission, NWEA will also acquire and operate multiple state assessment contracts and associated technology from Questar Assessment Inc., a subsidiary of ETS. Technology connected with the state contracts, including the testing and scoring systems, are part of the acquisition. NWEA is not acquiring the Questar brand or corporation. Following the transfer of assets to NWEA, Questar will no longer seek new business in the K-12 market.

ETS and NWEA have long worked together in support of state partners, and this agreement is an extension and expansion of that long-term relationship. Just as with the recent Alaska contract where ETS and NWEA partnered to be awarded the state contract, ETS will continue to collaborate with NWEA on existing state contracts as a subcontractor and other states in a similar capacity. This is an exciting time for ETS as we serve the K-12 market with what we do best, and I look forward to all that this collaboration has to offer now and in the future.