[Video] ETS Kids Talk Teachers

They can give us strength when we’re at our weakest. They can challenge us revealing that we’re more capable than we previously thought. They can be the spark of motivation shaping the path of an entire lifetime. They’re the ones who’ve dedicated themselves to a profession of service and preparing future generations to meet the world head on.

We’re talking about teachers. And who else is better to talk about amazing teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week than students?

To celebrate this year, we got together ETS employees and their kids to talk about tremendous teachers in these children’s lives. From sweet and heartfelt to funny and insightful, these kids’ stories about their teachers remind all of us of the myriad ways teachers impact our lives.

All of us at ETS want to thank current and former teachers, many of whom are our ETS colleagues, for all they have done and continue to do for students, families and their communities. Thank you for being student advocates, for going above and beyond in pursuit of others’ learning, and for helping young minds realize the special gift that is an appreciation for lifelong learning.